Auto enrolment warnings from Pension Regulator


Sep 08, 2017



As pensions auto enrolment is rolled out across the country, The Pensions Regulator have issued warnings and reminders to help employers comply with their duties.


Auto enrolment exemption scam

If you’re an employer, then please be wary of falling for a scam which involves the sale of fake certificates which suggest that you don’t have auto-enrolment workplace pension duties.

The Pensions Regulator have made us aware that they are investigating at least one company offering what it describes as “Certificates of Auto Enrolment Exemption” to employers.

You should be clear on your duties as an employer regarding workplace pensions, and if you become aware of a scam like this, please let The Pensions Regulator know. There’s info on their website about how to spot a scam.


Staff need to be enrolled before they can opt out

During the recent inspections that The Pensions Regulator have been carrying out across the country, they’ve come across a number of instances where employers had agreed to opt staff out of a workplace pension before they’d been enrolled.

If you appear to be making the decision to opt out on behalf of your staff, this means you’re not complying with your employer duties correctly and you may risk a fine. Eligible staff need to be enrolled first – they can only opt out if they wish to, after being enrolled.

To be sure you understand how you must comply with employer pension duties, check out The Pensions Regulator’s Duties Checker.