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What business trends can we expect in 2020?

A look towards what trends we can expect to see emerging in the business world during 2020. It pays to be prepared and to anticipate how these changes could affect your business.

Get better control of your business cash flow

Cash is the lifeblood of any business. Profit is important, but without cash in the bank you’re going to fail pretty quickly. Here are some tips to manage your cash flow and keep it under control.

Why it’s worth filing your Self Assessment early

Christmas is miles away, let alone January. So why on earth would you file your Self Assessment tax return now, over 4 months before the deadline?

Trading goods into and out of the UK – EORI

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, you’ll need to register for an EORI number in order to continue trading goods into and out of the UK. Here’s how to make sure you’re prepared.

How to raise your prices without losing customers

The cost of running a business goes up every year, but when was the last time you increased your prices? Raising your prices can work – but only if you do it right.

Planning for the future of your business

Succession planning can be the elephant in the room for a family business. John Tooth examines how best to tackle this emotive subject to ensure a successful outcome

No deal Brexit – what about VAT?

There are still more questions than answers relating to Brexit, but HMRC has updated its guidance on how VAT rules will change in the event of a no deal to help businesses prepare.

Business trends to watch in 2019

As we begin a new year, we thought it would be interesting to share some of the top business trends which have been predicted for 2019.

How could a ‘no deal’ Brexit affect my business?

There are fewer than 150 days remaining until the UK is scheduled to leave the EU, and there’s still a huge amount of uncertainty around the type of deal which will be secured. Small and medium sized businesses (SMEs), whether they trade with EU countries or not, could face a substantial amount of financial ambiguity at this time, and so it pays to be sufficiently prepared.

How to get paid on time

You’ve done the work and invoiced your customer but you’re still waiting to get paid.  Sound familiar? It helps to have procedures in place to avoid this situation, and to follow a set approach to recovering what you’re owed.

How do I go about making the switch to cloud accounting?

Everyone’s banging on about cloud accounting these days – you can’t escape it. But it’s genuinely worth making the switch – and here’s exactly how to go about it.

How to raise funding for your business

We all know cash is King. But what funding options are available if you find yourself in need of cash, either to start, grow or rescue a business?

Company or Sole Trader – no longer a tax-driven choice?

The number of small businesses in the UK is currently at a record level. But if you own one of these many small businesses, what drives you as an entrepreneur to choose between trading under your own name or via a limited company? And what impact does that choice have on your post-tax income?

How does overtime affect your staff’s holiday pay?

If your employees ever work overtime over and above their normal contractual hours, do you know whether this entitles them to extra holiday pay?

The implications of employing contract workers

If you employ independent contract workers, do you know how to allocate their costs appropriately, and how their employment status affects what tax rates apply?