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Can you claim the employment allowance?

The employment allowance exists as an incentive to smaller employers. However, changes are afoot which may mean that from April 2020 some employers may no longer be able to claim the employment allowance.

HMRC error with payments on account

A series of computer errors has meant that some tax payers have not received any demand for 2018/19 payments on account (POA) on their tax statements. Here’s what to do.

Scam Calls from HMRC

Be aware of a convincing scam which has hit hundreds of UK residents who have been conned into paying money by false calls from HMRC.

IR35 rules are coming to the private sector

Plans are afoot to roll out IR35 off-payroll working rules to the private sector as well as the public sector, which is causing concern for businesses & contractors alike.

IHT – how the rules could get simpler

The UK’s inheritance tax (IHT) system is fiendishly complicated, so to reduce the extent of this painful procedure, the Office of Tax Simplification has released a report making a number of recommendations to improve the situation.

HMRC re-evaluates its digital priorities

HMRC is reassessing its digital priorities in light of extra demands on its resources caused by Brexit. Many projects to introduce digital services for individual taxpayers have now been delayed.

Are off-payroll rules coming to the private sector?

Are IR35 rules, which currently apply to off-payroll workers in the public sector, likely to be extended to the private sector as well?