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Tax-free Christmas gifts

It’s the time of year for gifts and giving. Here’s how you can enjoy giving gifts with the added benefit of them being tax-free or qualifying for tax relief.

Tax relief on residential let property

If you let out a residential property, make sure you know if and when you are eligible for capital allowance tax relief and capital gains tax relief.

Time for an electric company car?

If you’ve ever considered opting for an electric company car, the government is offering tax incentives to try and persuade you to make the switch.

Property rental – is it still worth it?

Over the years many people have made good money by investing in rental properties. However due to changing tax laws, being a landlord isn’t necessarily the simple and rosy option that you might think it could be.

Using a PAYE settlement agreement (PSA)

A PAYE settlement agreement (PSA) can be used to help pay some of your employees’ tax, allowing you to avoid passing on an unexpected tax charge to your employees.

Extracting profit from the family company via dividends

The start of the new tax year means that if you are a shareholder or director you may wish to review your salary and dividend mix for 2019/20 to ensure you’re as tax efficient as possible.

HMRC error with payments on account

A series of computer errors has meant that some tax payers have not received any demand for 2018/19 payments on account (POA) on their tax statements. Here’s what to do.

Trivial benefits aren’t necessarily trivial

As the deadline for Benefit in Kind returns is upon us, here’s a useful reminder of what trivial benefits are and what counts as a trivial benefit.

Landlords’ rental income on HMRC’s radar once more

In 2013 HMRC launched a Let Property campaign to encourage landlords to declare their rental income. Six years on the problem still hasn’t been put to bed and HMRC has renewed its focus…

2018/19 Tax year-end – the benefits to consider

As the 2018/19 tax year draws to a close, make sure you’ve considered all the allowances available in order to optimise your tax planning.

What expenses can I claim through my business?

Understanding what expenses you’re allowed to claim back can really help your business. Here’s a summary of the allowable expenses for different categories.

Cloud accounting tips to make your life easier

A collection of our weekly cloud accounting tips posted on social media in 2018 – brief hints & shortcuts aimed at making life quicker and easier for any users of Xero or Quickbooks

Christmas is a time for gifts!

If you’re planning to give gifts of money this Christmas, then it’s worth taking advantage of the various tax reliefs and exemptions available.

Signing over your home to your children

Did you know you can pass your home on to your children at any time, even if you still live in it? It may seem a great idea, but it’s a complicated area which can carry some major drawbacks.

Why you should adopt cloud accounting sooner rather than later

Adopting cloud accounting has always had its benefits, but the imminent arrival of HMRC’s Making Tax Digital initiative makes it even more pertinent.