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Jan 08, 2019


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Every Friday throughout most of 2018 we posted weekly cloud accounting tips on social media, with the aim of making life that bit quicker and easier for any users of Xero or Quickbooks.  This collection of brief hints and shortcuts has been grouped under the hashtag #cloudaccountingtips on Twitter, Facebook and Linked In.  In case you don’t follow any of Paish Tooth’s accounts on social media (and if you don’t you really should!) we’ve summarised below a list of all the tips we compiled throughout the year.   We hope you find them useful, and we’ll be continuing to post them in 2019 so please do share any of your own cloud accounting tips that you may have discovered!


6 April 2018

It’s finally Friday! And with it comes a tip from the PT team on how to improve your use of cloud accounting: make sure you set up 2-step authentication for additional security. With GDPR coming into force some software providers will soon be making it mandatory. #cloudaccountingtips

13 April 2018

Here’s another of our Friday cloud accounting tips: make use of rules! Especially for those monthly direct debits or transfers between bank accounts – see this article for more detail: #cloudaccountingtips

27 April 2018

Nearly the weekend! Here’s this Friday’s tip on making the most of cloud accounting: did you know that quotations can be copied directly into a sales invoice, thereby saving you the hassle of having to duplicate any inputting? #cloudaccountingtips

4 May 2018

It’s Friday, and not just any Friday – bank holiday weekend Friday! Here’s one of our latest cloud accounting tips: remember that you can send your remittance advice directly to your suppliers straight out of Xero. Visit for more info. #cloudaccountingtips

11 May 2018

Don’t let fears about data transfer hamper your move to cloud accounting. Move My Books easily converts data from Quickbooks Desktop and Sage 50/Instant to Xero and Quickbooks Online. Best of all, Xero & Quickbooks are both currently paying for this service on your behalf! #cloudaccountingtips #FridayFeeling

18 May 2018

Here’s this week’s cloud accounting tip: if Xero’s standard reports aren’t working for you, did you know that you can create your own custom reports? Just don’t forget to save them to use again later!  #cloudaccountingtips

25 May 2018

It’s time for one of our Friday cloud accounting tips! This week’s tip: if you enter all the contact details for your customers and suppliers into your cloud accounting software, their details will then automatically appear on invoices and bills. #cloudaccountingtips

8 June 2018

It’s Friday and with it comes one of our cloud accounting tips: Make your life easier by setting up your fixed assets on #Xero, so that monthly or quarterly depreciation can be run at the click of a button. 😁 Have a good weekend everyone! #cloudaccountingtips

15 June 2018

Time for one of our Friday afternoon cloud accounting tips!💡Did you know you can quickly re-enter an invoice or bill by simply copying it from one you’ve already created? You can also set up a repeating invoice for regularly recurring bills. #cloudaccountingtips

22 June 2018

Time for one of our Friday #cloudaccountingtips: remember it’s always worth creating and entering budgets into your cloud accounting software, so that you can easily compare your actual figures with your budgeted figures.

29 June 2018

Here’s this week’s cloud accounting tip on a lovely sunny Friday! 😎 If you want to do a quick calculation, you can type basic maths equations into the invoice field in Xero. A handy little time-saver! #cloudaccountingtips

6 July 2018

Here’s this Friday’s cloud accounting tip: remember to click ‘Publish’ in Xero if you want to save a copy of your reports for future reference. #cloudaccountingtips Have a good weekend in the sun everyone!

13 July 2018

It’s Friday again – doesn’t the week fly by! Time for another tip to improve your use of cloud accounting: make sure you set up Invoice Reminders in Xero. These allow you to automatically send your customers an email reminder either before or after their invoice is due. #cloudaccountingtips #cashflow

20 July 2018

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s this week’s cloud accounting tip: if you’re using Quickbooks you can post dates quickly by typing ‘T’ for ‘today’s date’, ‘y’ to post the first day of the year or ‘r’ for last day of the year into the date box. This can be used for both weekly and monthly updates.  #cloudaccountingtips

27 July 2018

It’s finally Friday! Here’s one of our handy #cloudaccountingtips to end the week: use the online banking function in Quickbooks to automatically update up to 90 days of transactions. Have a great weekend everyone!

3 August 2018

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s our latest tip to improve your cloud accounting: don’t forget to make use of the software to assess the progress of your business – run a trial balance regularly and compare it with previous periods to make sure you’re on track. #cloudaccountingtips

10 August 2018

Happy Friday from the PT team! A little tip when doing your expenses on Xero: select the multi currency option when creating your expenses and Xero will work out the exchange rate using

14 September 2018

After a short break over the summer we’re back with our Friday #cloudaccountingtips! This week: why not use the option of the GoCardless app on Xero, Sage and QuickBooks to set up a direct debit with your clients, in order to plan your receipts and get paid faster?

21 September 2018

When using cloud accounting software, it’s a good idea to upload your PDF files (such as purchase invoices) into Xero and store them alongside all of your other financial documents, to keep everything in one place. #cloudaccountingtips

28 September 2018

When using cloud accounting software, make your bank feed more secure by using a direct feed rather than a third party feed. Cloud software providers are working on increasing the number of direct feeds all the time (e.g. Intuit QuickBooks have added both Lloyds and HSBC direct feeds in the last fortnight). #cloudaccountingtips

5 October 2018

Time for one of our Friday #cloudaccountingtips: When using Xero or Quickbooks make sure you set up lock dates, to ensure your previous accounting period results are not affected by any errors in dating!

12 October 2018

Not sure about moving to the cloud? Think it’ll be more work? Did you know that Receipt Bank can scan invoices and bank statements, and then send the information directly to Xero or QuickBooks to massively reduce your workload? #cloudaccountingtips Happy Friday everyone!

19 October 2018

In #Xero, you can avoid having multiple contacts by merging one into another. Go to: Contacts, All Contacts, tick the name you’d like to merge, tick ‘Option’ and then ‘Merge’. It avoids duplication, and avoids confusion – happy days! #cloudaccountingtips

26 October 2018

Did you know: you can automatically download documents/invoices into #Xero from the Hubdoc app? Hubdoc automatically fetches your bank statements, bills, and receipts from hundreds of financial institutions, utilities, telecom providers, and online vendors. #cloudaccountingtips

2 November 2018

Finally Friday! Time for one of our #cloudaccountingtips. This week – remember that you can use the ‘+’ button in your cloud accounting software to easily add new invoices, bills, journals, customers or suppliers, which should make things that little bit faster. Have a good weekend everyone!

16 November 2018

If you’re importing information into Xero, make use of templates. These are downloadable spreadsheets which are already in Xero’s accepted format, so all you have to do is populate them with the information you need. They can be used for credit card statements, paypal statements, inventory items, fixed assets and more! #cloudaccountingtips

23 November 2018

If you’re logging into Xero from Tuesday 27 Nov, be warned that the Xero navigation bar has been given a fresh new look and feel following customer feedback. All the functionality is the same – it might just be in different places! #cloudaccountingtips

30 November 2018

Have you got a KPI that #Xero doesn’t report on? Don’t fret, when editing your reports Xero has the facility to let you simply add your own custom formula. Happy days! #cloudaccountingtips

7 December 2018

If you use Xero did you know that you can set up automatic reminders to be sent to overdue debtors? The frequency of emails can be adjusted to go out either after 7, 14 or 21 days. Handy! #cloudaccountingtips

14 December 2018

Save time in Xero and Quickbooks by setting default VAT rates for your customers and suppliers, so that these are picked up automatically when raising bills or invoices. We’ll be back in 2019 with more cloud accounting tips! #cloudaccountingtips


Cloud accounting tips to make your life easier
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Cloud accounting tips to make your life easier
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