Getting sticky for charity!


Nov 20, 2018



As our partnership with our charity of the year draws to a close, last week the PT team spent a day volunteering at Kites Corner, headquarters of the James Hopkins Trust.

This volunteering session involved a rather unusual activity, which most of us hadn’t done since we were kids!  Our task was to create 20 large papier mâché Christmas baubles, ready for the JHT children to decorate with glitter and other festive patterns.  Each bauble will have a slit cut into the top to turn it into a collection box, and they will be sent out to local businesses to raise money for the James Hopkins Trust over the Christmas period.

Under the guidance of JHT’s long-standing volunteer Chris, PT’s morning team set about tearing up sheets of newspaper into small strips.  We then blew up balloons to act as our mould, before covering them with layers of newspaper.  Some of us discovered a preference for pasting the balloon and then sticking the newspaper to the balloon, while others decided we preferred pasting the individual strips of newspaper and then sticking them on the balloon.  Either way, what’s certain is that we all got very sticky, and at various points we then had fun peeling layers of dried glue off our fingers!

In our morning session five of us managed to paste two layers of newspaper to cover all 20 balloons, which had to be hung up to dry in between each layer.  In the afternoon we handed over to four further PT team members, who glued one more layer of newspaper and then pasted a final layer of white paper strips, ready for decorating.

It was surprisingly satisfying to watch the layers of papier mâché build up and to see the baubles taking shape!  The PT team all had a very enjoyable day.  We can’t wait to see photos of all the baubles once they have been decorated by the JHT children – and hopefully they will end up being filled with lots of money to support this fabulous charity.


charity 4

Cutting the newspaper strips


charity 5

Cups of tea to keep the papier mâché makers happy!


charity 9

The morning team, including Chris, JHT’s volunteer


charity 6

Avril and Edyta trying not to get too sticky!


charity 1

Deepa and Sam gluing their balloons


charity 2

Our washing line of balloons hanging out to dry!


charity 3

Two layers down, two to go!


charity 8

Patrick and Sue hard at work!


charity 7

Sue, Sarah and Patrick applying the final white layers