Smartening up the JHT garden for a new season!

JHT garden


Apr 13, 2018



Well it wasn’t quite the warm and sunny day we were hoping for, but team PT were still very much up for the challenge when we arrived at the James Hopkins Trust, to spend a day volunteering to tidy up the JHT garden.

The James Hopkins Trust centre, called Kites Corner, is tucked away off the main road in Barnwood, Gloucester.  Although it’s quite hidden, the garden to the side and back of the centre is really quite large, and offers an amazing array of different features to appeal to all five senses of the disabled and life threatened young children who visit Kites Corner.  The JHT garden has been carefully designed to entertain and inspire them, and offers specialist playground toys, a tranquil memorial stream, and even a working zebra crossing to help the children learn road safety through play.


Getting to work

After the effects of a long and hard winter, the JHT garden was looking a little unloved when the PT team arrived.  Following a tour of Kites Corner to find out more about what the centre has to offer, we selected our appropriate tools, spread out around the garden, and got to work.  The main objective was to remove all the weeds which had taken hold along all the paths and patio area.  Using chemical weed killer isn’t an option due to the risk to the children, so teasing them out by hand was the only alternative!  Another important task was sweeping up all the fallen leaves and plant debris, and jet washing the paths and decking areas to clean them and remove any hazardous slippery patches.

Sadly the damp and drizzly day meant that mowing the lawns wasn’t possible, so we were denied the satisfaction of seeing the garden looking quite as tidy as it might have done.  However, the team still managed to make a difference, and hopefully the weather will soon improve and the children at JHT will be able to get outside and enjoy their smartened garden once more!

Sarah James, Head of Fundraising at James Hopkins Trust said,

“Running a specialist respite centre such as Kites Corner is an expensive business and costs £600,000 a year, all achieved through fundraising.   We want as much of this money as possible to go directly towards helping the children, by offering them all important respite sessions.  We are so grateful for the help provided by volunteers such as the team from PT, because it means that areas like our beautiful sensory garden can be fully maintained without the expense of hiring outside tradespeople. Thank you Paish Tooth!”

Nuala Beardsall, Marketing Manager at Paish Tooth added,

“Volunteering for a charity like James Hopkins Trust is incredibly rewarding.  The tour around Kites Corner helped the PT team to witness first hand the amazing work that JHT do for life limited children in Gloucestershire, and it felt great to be able to help make a difference for them.”



JHT garden selfie

Garden selfie!

JHT garden

Patrick jet washing the brick path

JHT garden

Deepa sweeping the undulating path

JHT garden

John and Patrick hard at work

JHT garden

Sue weeding the borders

JHT garden

John cleaning the decking around the stream

JHT garden

Deepa weeding around the carpark