It’s never too late to regenerate yourself


Feb 19, 2015



No matter how many years you’ve been in the business, it’s always worth considering the benefits of shaking off the corporate cobwebs and giving your company a face-lift. We had this very discussion at Paish Tooth HQ several months ago, and the outcome has been the rejuvenation of our small company through its corporate brand and website.

Paish Tooth has been practising in the same town-centre offices for over 30 years. It’s safe to say that our previous corporate image was looking a bit tired and out-dated, and this coupled with a little-recognised company name made us determined to give our well-established firm a new lease of life. So 2015 has seen us adopt a fresh new look and launch our stylish new responsive website, proving that even after 30 years it’s never too late to reinvent your business.

We challenged Hills Design, a local design agency, to come up with our new brand. We wanted to achieve a look which reflected the modern, friendly and individual nature of our practice, and we’re delighted with the results. Hills Design created a unique and sophisticated logo for us, effectively combining grey with a vibrant green for bold impact.

To complement the new design, we launched this fresh new website. As well as regular updates on all our services, we’ll be posting regular blogs to give visitors insights and advice on key tax and financial issues. And the site will shortly be accompanied by a free downloadable mobile app, providing users with a variety of helpful tools such as a mileage tracker and receipt manager.

We’re delighted with the outcome of our new website and corporate image. Hopefully it highlights that there are many small but well established businesses around offering excellent services, which are yet to be widely discovered. Consider whether it’s time you dusted the cobwebs off your company image too, and gave it the makeover it deserves – after all, it’s never too late to change.