Accurately managing your accounts is a time-consuming business. At Paish Tooth we offer a cost-effective and efficient way to manage all the essential paperwork your business creates.

We ensure that we have a complete understanding of how your individual business operates, and work with you to help you better manage your personal and business accounts and tax affairs.

Accounts Preparation
Audit and assurance services
Personal Tax Compliance
Business and Corporation Tax Compliance
Company Secretarial Services
Making Tax Digital

Accounts Preparation

Led by qualified managers, our team aims to achieve an efficient turnaround within an agreed timescale. We use the latest technology to produce your final accounts, and can work from your own computerised or manual records. Our standard accounts preparation links seamlessly with both corporate and personal tax compliance. Whilst preparing your accounts we can also help you to measure how you business is performing, and identify areas which give you the most opportunity to make improvements for the future.

Audit and assurance services

Businesses rarely look forward to their annual audit. We can’t promise to change that, but we can make sure all your reporting requirements are completed to the standards required by your bankers, creditors and tax authorities. We can also work with you to use your auditing process as a real business tool to improve how you do business, and perhaps help you to raise new finance.

Personal tax compliance

Preparing personal tax return forms can be a real headache. Yet no matter how complex or disorganised your tax affairs currently are, we can help with all your tax paperwork problems. We can also help to minimise your current and future income tax bill and your capital gains tax liabilities, plus explore options for personal financial planning to help you get the most from you money.

Business and Corporation tax compliance

We produce a business tax computation with all our accounts preparation jobs, and this links seamlessly into the preparation of your personal, partnership or corporate tax return.

Having the right tax strategies in place is an essential element of your business success. Taxation issues and liabilities need to be clearly understood across your organisation, as unexpected business taxes can cripple your finances and planning.

We make a difference by building a close and really effective client relationship with you, working together to meet your reporting and payment obligations and to minimise your tax burden. We can help you to create tax effective structures for your business, to build exit or succession strategies, and to develop plans to lower your taxes on acquisitions, mergers and disposals.

Company secretarial services

We offer a wide range of general secretarial services to remove the hassle of dealing with statutory forms, including: filing of annual return, registered office facilities, maintenance of statutory registers, completion of share transfer forms, carrying out company searches, drafting agendas for company meetings and so on.

Making Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is a government initiative to digitise the UK’s tax system, intended to make administrating tax simpler and more efficient. Legislation confirming time scales for the introduction of MTD has yet to be passed in Parliament, but our MTD pocket guide explains more about this new scheme, including who will be affected, what software will be required and what support will be on offer. You can also read more detail in our articles: ‘Making Tax Digital – what’s it all about?‘ and ‘Making Tax Digital – HMRC’s response‘.

MTD pocket guide