Mobile accounting at your fingertips

Now keeping control of your accounts is even easier with Paish Tooth’s mobile accounting app. The app is compatible with your iPhone, iPad or Android phone, and you can download it for free now by clicking on the appropriate button or scanning the QR code below.


Accounting app - Paish Tooth Google Play

Accounting app - Paish Tooth QR code

Accounting app - Paish Tooth iphone app store

Accounting app - Paish Tooth

Why should I download the Paish Tooth MyAccountants app?

Our new MyAccountants app has been designed to help save you time and keep you on top of the latest news and tax changes. It’s updated on a regular basis, including after every Budget announcement, so you can be sure you’re always viewing real-time accounting data.

The app includes a whole host of useful tools, including:

  • Calculators – 16 different calculators including VAT, Inheritance Tax, Savings, Mortgage, Company Car, Pay Slips and Corporation Tax
  • Tax Tables – 16 different tax tables including Income Tax, National Insurance, Corporation Tax, Car & Fuel Benefits and Pensions
  • Financial Dates – all the key deadlines you need to be aware of
  • Receipt Manager – photograph all your receipts and export them directly to email
  • Mileage Tracker – log all your journeys using GPS and export a list of your trips to email
  • Finance News – keep on top of the latest business news headlines

The best thing is that all of these tools are available at any time of the day or night, and you can access then wherever you have an internet connection on your device. So if you’re out and about and would like to calculate your increased profit, or check the costs of capital gains tax, all the latest information is available instantaneously at your fingertips.

We really believe the Paish Tooth MyAccountants app can help make your life easier – it’s simple and fast to use, and also provides you with instant access to all our contact details and social media pages should you wish to get in touch for any extra advice or support.

To quickly and easily download it, simply search for ‘MyAccountants‘ in your app store – the icon looks like the image below. Then enter the code 3550 when prompted, and you’ll be able to access all of Paish Tooth’s new content and features!  Please do let us know what you think by posting a review.

MyAccountants icon Paish Tooth app

MyAccountants app icon