Cloud Accounting

At Paish Tooth we try to make your life as simple as possible when running your business. We’re firm believers in the benefits of using cloud accounting to help achieve this, and have partnered with Xero, QuickBooks Online and Receipt Bank, an add-on, to offer you powerful support software.



Xero and QuickBooks Online

Xero and QuickBooks Online are both online accounting software programmes based in the cloud, which provide you with a real-time view of your accounts anytime and anywhere – from your Mac, PC, phone or tablet. Xero and QuickBooks each enable you to:

  • create invoices
  • pay bills
  • claim expenses
  • view interactive reports
  • reconcile bank transactions
  • share information with your accountant

– all in real-time and while you’re on the move.

Download Our Xero PowerPoint

The cloud is an ideal platform for accounting – it is available anywhere you have an internet connection, and can transfer live data in real-time. Xero and QuickBooks are both secure solutions used by hundreds of thousands of businesses, and being cloud-based they are automatically backed-up, always use the latest version of software available and remove the need for expensive upgrades.

Paish Tooth is a silver certified advisor for both Xero and QuickBooks Online, and we can help you to set up and manage your cloud service. Have a chat to us about how using Xero or QuickBooks could make managing your business accounts a great deal faster and easier.


Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank is also cloud based and integrates directly to Xero and QuickBooks Online, along with a number of other cloud-based and desktop-based accounts packages. Receipt Bank extracts details from a scanned purchase invoice using sophisticated recognition software, and then publishes the data directly into Xero or QuickBooks using rules which you create. The invoice is then ready in Xero or QuickBooks for the bank transaction to be matched when a payment is made, therefore reducing the amount of time you spend processing transactions.

You can scan invoices and then drop them into the program, or forward invoices received by email straight to your Receipt Bank email address. And if you’re out and about, you can use the Receipt Bank app and snap a picture of the invoice on your phone.

Not only your data, but also a copy of the purchase invoice, is published into Xero and QuickBooks, should you need to easily locate it. This also allows for a paperless office.

Paish Tooth are Receipt Bank partners, and can facilitate integrating the software into your Xero or QuickBooks account for you, and can help with the integration of other accounts packages too. Speak to us about how much simpler it could make life for you!