Wealth Management

Creating wealth is one thing; building on it and protecting it is potentially quite another. Our holistic approach ensures that wealth management solutions take into account both your financial position and your taxation circumstances, with particular emphasis on making optimum use of tax reliefs and incentives. As a result of many years’ experience advising owner-managed businesses, we understand the issues that can arise, and combine that knowledge with our expertise to make planning recommendations which protect family wealth.

The advice we give starts with tried and tested strategies which reduce taxes on income and profits to the minimum legal obligation. Having worked through this we then focus on reliefs from capital taxes such as capital gains tax and inheritance tax. This means ensuring that all possible reliefs are in play, examples being:

  • ensuring that Entrepreneurs Relief applies, so that on selling a business the capital gain is taxable at only 10%
  • ensuring that where possible, the business structure secures Business Property Relief, and at the maximum 100% rate, so that inheritance tax is reduced to the absolute minimum.

In addition to these relatively straightforward measures, our advice may involve the use of trusts, not only to secure tax advantages but possibly for asset protection purposes. Trusts may be a suitable alternative to offering an outright gift to the next generation, so as to safe-guard against loss in the event of their death, divorce or bankruptcy.

Additionally, we work closely with experienced independent financial advisors, ensuring that tax efficiency for both income tax and capital taxes is factored into their recommendations to clients.