Password security – who’s the weakest link?


Nov 03, 2017


Business Advice

It’s becoming increasingly common to hear stories about the latest business to suffer from a cyber attack. Businesses install quality security software and password protected servers to guard against such cyber threats. However, the weakest link in your IT security could be your employees, and the strength of the passwords that they use to log in to your systems.

A huge problem for businesses is that staff often use passwords that they can easily remember – such as ‘password123’ which is one of the most commonly used. More sophisticated security means users often have to include special characters, so perhaps they have now migrated onto using ‘p@ssword123’. This still isn’t going to do much to secure your IT systems!

Many firms do provide IT security training to their staff, and encourage the use of more complex passwords. That is great – unless team members start writing their passwords down and leaving them on their desk.

You can encourage your staff to use complex, more secure passwords that they can easily remember by using a password manager and generator.

A password manager and generator is a piece of software that generates secure passwords for all relevant accounts, and then stores them securely either on their server, on a USB drive or locally on your PC. The software will encrypt and store password information so you only have to remember one password for the password manager itself.

Password manager and generator services are available online from the likes of LastPass, Dashlane or KeePass Password Safe. Larger businesses might want to use an enterprise level system such as Sticky Password from AVG. Perhaps this is the way forward for password security – at least until fingerprint scanning or facial recognition become mainstream options for businesses.

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