Don’t forget your re-enrolment obligations for workplace pensions



Feb 11, 2019



Are you one of the many employers whose staging date for pensions auto enrolment fell during 2016?  At that point your main focus was probably on sorting out your initial registration, and ensuring all your employees were enrolled by the specified deadline so you didn’t receive a fine.

Now here we are, three years later, and once again you’ll find yourself at risk of facing a fine if you don’t re-assess and re-enrol your staff before the next deadline.


What is re-enrolment?

According to the rules of auto-enrolment, employers must put certain staff back into a pension scheme every three years – this is known as ‘re-enrolment’.   As an employer you are legally obliged to do this, and you also have a duty to notify The Pensions Regulator (TPR) that you have done so by completing and submitting a re-declaration of compliance.

If you’re the key contact in your business for re-enrolment then you should receive notification from TPR about what you need to do.  Your responsibilities will be to:

  • Choose your re-enrolment date – you have a window of time during which to re-enrol your staff. This window begins three months before the third anniversary of your staging date, and finishes three months after the third anniversary.  You then have a further two months during which to make your re-declaration of compliance to TPR.
  • Assess your staff and see who needs to be put back into a pension scheme
  • Write to those staff who you’ve put back into a pension scheme to inform them of your actions
  • Complete your re-declaration of compliance to TPR before your re-declaration deadline.


There is more information to help you carry out your re-enrolment duties on the TPR website, including an online tool to help you choose your dates for re-enrolment. You’ll need the 10 digit code found on the letter you received from TPR about auto enrolment, and you’ll also need your PAYE reference number to hand.


Make sure you act before your re-enrolment deadline to ensure you don’t receive a fine!  If you’ve got any questions or you’d like any help, please do get in touch with the PT team.