Beware an official looking scam document!


Mar 10, 2017



We’ve become aware of an official looking document doing the rounds lately which is nothing more than a scam. We at Paish Tooth have been recipients of this communication, as have one or two of our clients, and so we want to make sure that no one inadvertently falls prey to it.

The covering letter is headed ‘Commercial Register’ with a crest logo, which looks somewhat reminiscent of Companies House. The letter refers to a ‘filing deadline’, and requests that the recipient should ‘revise and approve their company details promptly’. It is signed from the Compliance Department, and includes a separate form requiring companies to update their contact details and sign to confirm that their entry listing is correct.

However, this form is actually a contract requiring the recipient to pay £863 per year for three years, to have their information/data inserted as an advertisement in the Commercial Register. The publishing company, Direct Publisher S. L. U., is registered in Madrid, although the return address on the pre-paid envelope is in Paris.

Please ensure that you dispose of any such documentation – all official communication about company registers will come from Companies House. If you have any questions please do get in touch.

Scam document